DIY: Neon Shoes

What you need:
- Shoes: any shoe whether suede, leather or canvas.
- Paint: white and neon
- Paintbrush
- Masking Tape
- Outdoor Gloss Sealer (optional for shiny finish).
- Liquid Stitch or any strong glue can do.
- Grosgrain ribbon.

Step 1:
Choose how much of the shoe you want painted and apply your masking tape. Press down
firmly, to avoid any paint bleed. I like to use Painter’s tape because I feel like it is more
delicate and less likely to damage your shoes.
TIP: remove the shoes laces if there are any, it will be easier to work with the shoes and if
you choose to keep the original lace you avoid the possibility of them getting painted on.

Step 2:
If your shoes are dark in color, I recommend painted the selected area in white first. Your
neon color will come out brighter.

Step 3:
Once your white paint is completely dry, paint over with your neon color. You might need
several coats to get the desired color; I applied 3 coats of pink in total. Let the paint dry
between each coat, if you are pressed for time you can use a blow dryer.

Step 4:
Apply a coat of Outdoor Gloss Sealer; this will make your shoe shiny looking. I used 2 coats
of gloss, and once again waited 30 minutes between each coat.
I strongly recommend this step if you are painting on leather shoes, as it will give your
paint job a similar shiny finish as the leather. You can skip this step if you like, it purely for

Step 5:
Once your paint and gloss is dry, remove the tape carefully and wash off any left over paint
on the soles of the shoes.

Cut 2 strips of ribbon; make sure it’s a little longer than what you actually need. Apply some
liquid stitch or any strong permanent glue you might have (preferably some glue that dries
clear). Press the ribbon down firmly onto the shoes covering the line between your painted
area and the fabric.

Step 7:
Cut off the ends and add a dab of glue and smudge it, this will avoid the ribbon fraying. Let it
dry 24 hours and add some glue if you feel the need.

Step 8:
Replace the old laces with some ribbon. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon, the same length as your
original shoelaces, don’t forget to cut the ends on an angle to avoid any fraying. Have fun
and use a different color for your laces if you’d like. Enjoy!
Tip: avoid using satin ribbons for shoelaces, they tend to slip and come undone easily.

Viola! And your done!


Blog Post by Celina Bailey

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