Bobo Choses & Le Bon Marché

Bobo Choses  presents  Une  Baguette  a  Paris,  a  collaboration for Le Bon Marché’s Paris!  exhibition: an exclusive limited edition sweatshirt and a tote bag inspired by the city of Paris. Shop  it here.

  1. Baguettes never get cold because they always travel under the arms of children.
  2.  The boulangeries are the perfumeries of Paris.
  3. It does not matter weather it is summer or winter, baguettes are always tanned.
  4. Baguettes don’t like solitude. This is why they go together with cheese and marmalade.
  5. If baguettes are not given due attention, their hearts harden.



Vanesa Lorenzo x The Animals Observatory

For the first time, model and designer Vanessa Lorenzo reflects the superb taste of her grown-up clothes in kids’ fashions with a capsule of unique and  classic garments that embrace, highlight, and enrich children’s identity. Comfortable clothes that respect the freedom of a child. An example of elegance.


The capsule collection is currently available in The Animals Observatory selected retails.


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