Brother & Sister in Beau Loves

I have a busy life, working full time, caring for my 3 littles, blogging, trying to squeeze in some household… So it can get quite chaotic and hectic sometimes! I try to seek order and peace in the little things, just to rule out stress.  For instance, every night, we try to prepare the little backpacks and we try to lay out the clothes for the next day.  About these clothes…  what makes it a bit more easy is dressing my kids in the same brand, or the same colour scheme, ha!  I never thought I would be THAT kind of mom, but yeah well, here I am! I love that it shows that they belong together and it looks super cute too! And choices are made so much quicker! The other day, they were wearing the cutest little threads from BeauLoves and we found these at one of our fave shops Weemondine.


Credits: clothes from Beau Loves from Weemondine, shoes from Mrugala
Styling & photography: Katleen from Mwordmag









For The Love Of Burgundy

For the love of Burgundy.


Burgundy. This color reminds me of my grandfather’s encyclpedia books in his librabry where I spent quite some time as a kid. When he passed away my grandmother gave the books to my father. 5 years ago we bought my parents house and I was so happy that I got to keep these gorgeous books. I always knew I wanted to do a shoot with them and when I saw the following pieces at Alex and Alexa ( I knew the time had come. The kids have been intrigued by all these beautiful books and were stoked they could finally ‘read’ them.



All clothes and shoes from Alex and Alexa (
Socks from Les Casse Pieds (


Photography and styling

Isabel (

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The Flamingos : Gardner & The Gang + Nor–Folk

Effie and Kay are two flamingos. They’re friends. They’re continents apart, but brought together by their love of photography and sneakers. They just know they’ll be friends forever.
Kristin of Gardner & The Gang approached me, Fiona (of Nor–Folk), in January of this year with a totally open brief. We worked on several concepts before both unanimously agreeing the flamingos were quite literally us. And, if you don’t know, we’re both very tall and live in sneakers.
It’s no secret that I am a super fan of Gardner & The Gang. I love how Kristin builds stories around the characters she introduces. Her clothes are vehicles for story telling, crossing cultures and gender.
We are launching these (very) limited edition wellies Tuesday November 10th at 5PM in singapore. ( gmt+8) Price is $57 USD and sizes ranges from 21-30 EUR sizes 5.5-12 US sizes and 4.5-11 UK sizes.

You can buy them here
We hope you love our collaboration, love Effie & Kay.

Photography and styling: Fiona Burrage of Nor-Folk
Models: Stanley Thomas Burrage and Theo Bloomfield.
Both wear Gardner & The Gang.
Location: Gorleston Beach, Norfolk, UK.










ABC123me… a brand for boys, and by that I mean only the cool boys. And although we love us some monochrome tones, we adore the use of primary colours in the ABC123me collections. Dressing my little guys, I do know that comfort is key and durability is a number one priority. That is why ABC123me is perfect. Thy make fuss free, clean line everyday luxury basics. Their clothes are amazingly soft and very easy to match. On top, they are made in fabrics that are built to last. When I was out and about with my son and his little cousin a few weeks ago, they were both wearing their raincoats and their blue tracksuits. Too good not to snap some pictures in front of this cute little white house with blue accents. Be sure to check out their website and their lookbook, it is one of the coolest I have ever seen.
Credits: all clothes from ABC123me and shoes from Mrugala.
Styling and photography: Katleen from Mwordmag
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