Mini Rodini SS16 Sneak Peak





Loving the new Mini Rodini Collection.
This collection is a dream, but unlike most dreams this lasts longer.
Unicorns exist and you will find love at the end of the rainbow. A collection for all who didn’t win the 1st price toy in the lottery, who didn’t find a lucky clover in the lawn and for those who hope to make a wish on a shooting star.
99% of this collection is made out of sustainable materials, which means they are either organic or recycled. All in the spirit of trying to make better clothes, both for the planet and for the ones living here.
The first arrivals of the collection will be in store February 4th in Mini Rodini’s stores, retailers world-wide and in the online shop that ships world wide.

Chloe’s Room

I am almost done with @littlebabychloe‘s room. I just have a few things left to do on the walls. I am loving how it turned out though. I just added a little bit of color to this grey room.
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Crib: Oeuf NYC
Canopy: Numero74 via Smallable
Doll Bed: Smallstuff via Leo & Bella
Striped play Rug: Cats & Boys
Light: &Tradition via Ameico Design
Milk Blanket: Spearmint Love
Floating Coat Hanger: By Copenhanger via Ameico Design
Mrs Mighetto Print: La Petite Alma
Doll Pillow: Snugi Pops
Rug: Bobo Choses via Baby Go Green
Miffy Wall Hook: Little Red Elk
Chair: via Smallable
Dog Light: Smallable
Miffy Lamp: Mr Maria
Bedding: Cats & Boys
Miffy Pillow: Miniwilla
Doll Bedding: Coco and Wolf
Luckyboysunday Pillow: Leo & Bella
Eye Pillow: Leo & Bella
Bunny Blanket: Huxbaby
Le Bebe Rug & Pillow: Hugo Loves Tiki
Garland on Crib: Nobodinoz
Garland on Canopy: Velveteen Babies
Clown Pillow: The Velvet Egg
Star Pillow: Leo & Bella
Swan Doll: Hubble and Duke