Plush Rugs

Needing a new rug? Plush Rugs has such a great selection!

Vipp Hotels

We are huge fans of Vipp, so we were elated to hear they just opened up a Vipp Hotel in Copenhagen. This is the second luxury getaway the brand has built after the Vipp shelter in the woods. The Vipp hotel is self-service concept. This hotel is not ordinary, and instead of one location with identical rooms and a continental breakfast, they will offer experiences and essentials.

Ask Og Eng

Loving this showroom I found via the lovely Elisabeth Heier’s blog. She visited the Kine and Kristoffer at Ask og Eng. It resulted in several hand made bamboo kitchens and was then followed by the establishment of the Ask Og Eng studio in early 2016 where they now offer their hand crafted products to customers all over the country.

Daniella White + Kristiina Haataja

Loving the styling by the super talented Daniella White and this sculpture by Kristiina Haataja Any of Kristiina’s sculptures would look amazing in any home.

Kids Room By Annaleenashem For La Petite

Annaleena Karlsson from Annaleenashem designed this room for La Petite Print issue 4. We love the way this room turned out! Annaleena said, “There are many things that make a room special. Lighting, color choices, and décor all play a part in the overall look and feel of every space. One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked