Eden & Zoe Spring/Summer Collection 2018

How cute is Eden & Zoe’s new Spring/Summer Collection 2018?

“In harmony with nature” is the inspiration for this spring/summer collection. After visiting numerous Japanese gardens throughout the years, both in Japan and in other countries, Eden & Zoe was struck by the serenity and precise balance of the landscape. Central to the design of a Japanese garden is the appreciation and respect for nature, and the wish to live in harmony with one’s surroundings.

In designing this collection, they were inspired by the intricate and intense planning that goes into creating a Japanese garden. Every element of the garden has a purpose, and every detail is contemplated. Attention to detail is key, and the beauty is in the details. Likewise for their designs, every button, zip and seam is thoughtfully placed, and every design feature on the clothing is carefully considered.

They combined classic knit patterns with floral and nature inspired cotton fabrics to design flowing summer dresses and skirts, as well as playful outfits for both boys and girls.

In addition to the classic eden & zoe palette of grey, pink and white, this collection adds bold new colors such as bright purple and magenta for girls, and military green for boys. These spring/summer pieces are made from 100% cotton for comfort and versatility. Our sizing runs from newborn up to size 12.

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