Kids Room By Annaleenashem For La Petite

Annaleena Karlsson from Annaleenashem designed this room for La Petite Print issue 4. We love the way this room turned out!

Annaleena said, “There are many things that make a room special. Lighting, color choices, and décor all play a part in the overall look and feel of every space. One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked and which often can make the biggest impact is a personal, handcrafted touch.”

She continued, “

Inspiration for this room embraces the handicraft trend that’s in Sweden. The pastime of knitting and crocheting isn’t a new concept. People have enjoyed it for generations as a way to be social and reduce stress. Yarn itself evokes a warm and cozy feeling. By merging the handicraft trend with a modern space, you can create a room that feels au current, fun, unique and calm.”

Product info:

Wire basket || verso
Knitted pillows || studio meez
Silver box || syuro
Hand pads || Lucky Boy Sunday
Hanging pot || Ferm Living
Robot || area ware
The lamp || and tradition
Plaid fabric basket || Ferm Living
Fabric pads ||depe monkey