S Print/Digital Issue 6

Welcome to La Petite! Welcome to Summer! We all need summertime in our lives. Summer inspires change; routines are halted as kids are let out of school, families are found soaking up the sun with their fur babies tagging right along, adventurers are out exploring. Summer is the perfect setting for making memories and filling the longer days with not just work but a little bit of leisure too.

As our days are slowing down with the warming temperatures, our eyes also turn towards our sweet kids as they stomp and run outside with their pets. Laughter and barking fill the air while the kids and their dogs excitedly enjoy a game of fetch. Watching from a distance, the kittens have the right idea as they quietly bask in the heat of the sun.

It’s easy to feel inspired as summer unfolds and we hope you catch our vision as you read through the following pages. Enjoy, relax, reflect and most of all let loose a little bit and embrace your inner­child.