Vipp Hotels

We are huge fans of Vipp, so we were elated to hear they just opened up a Vipp Hotel in Copenhagen. This is the second luxury getaway the brand has built after the Vipp shelter in the woods. The Vipp hotel is self-service concept. This hotel is not ordinary, and instead of one location with identical rooms and a continental breakfast, they will offer experiences and essentials. Their rooms are spread out at various locations, so will not have a reception or a concierge. You won’t find a 24-hour lobby, a gym, daily housekeeping or fitness facilities.
Instead, they will offer tailored and curated design destinations out of the ordinary, filled with Vipp’s take on design. A part of the experience of their destinations is to engage with the interior of our hotel rooms. Every room is equipped with a kitchen just waiting to be used, so when you have done your grocery shopping, start cooking and enjoy.